2005-11-11 Magness Arena, Denver, CO, USA/Source 1

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A good audience recording. There's some distortion depending on the song. Two-thirds of A Pain That I'm Used To are missing due to the taper arriving late. Taper's notes:

It was a mad dash through the snow-drifted desert in the rental car from Salt Lake to Denver, picked up our buddy at the airport and then headed straight to the venue. As we got through the doors we heard the opening blasts of the first track so we missed the opening seconds. No post-processing was done on this recording. Taping location was left side-middle, halfway up.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [1:27] Play A Pain That I'm Used To
  2. [3:42] Play John The Revelator
  3. [4:32] Play A Question Of Time
  4. [5:15] Play Policy Of Truth
  5. [4:53] Play Precious
  6. [6:28] Play Walking In My Shoes
  7. [3:45] Play Suffer Well
  8. [3:57] Play Damaged People (*)
  9. [5:58] Play Home (*)
  10. [5:04] Play I Want It All
  11. [5:16] Play The Sinner In Me
  12. [7:02] Play I Feel You
  13. [5:17] Play Behind The Wheel
  14. [5:26] Play World In My Eyes
  15. [6:01] Play Personal Jesus
  16. [7:03] Play Enjoy The Silence
  17. [5:37] Play Somebody (*)
  18. [4:02] Play Just Can't Get Enough
  19. [6:12] Play Everything Counts
  20. [7:05] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  21. [5:56] Play Goodnight Lovers
  • Total time: 1:49:58


  • Sound Professionals SP-BMC-12 (AT350) microphones -> SP-SPSB-6 battery box -> M-Audio Microtrack (16/44)
  • Taper: BL