2005-12-09 Patriot Centre, Washington, DC, USA/Source 1

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Superb proshot footage. It's too bad there isn't more!

This concert was filmed by video director Blue Leach, and the three singles ('Precious', 'A Pain That I'm Used To', and 'Suffer Well') were released for promotional use to EMI affiliates around the world. These pro-shot video clips are particularly notable as they share visual similarities with the official Live In Milan DVD, except for the video effects added in post-production.

Unfortunately, 'A Pain That I'm Used To' was not present on this tape. The best quality version available for 'A Pain That I'm Used To' is the "high" bandwidth copy on depechemode.com's website back in 2006, available here on archive.org, but it's only at a paltry 15 frames per second with a resolution of 320x175 and 22khz audio – making it a tough watch. These two songs are a massive upgrade to that previous source.

The audio used for these promotional live singles appears to be rehearsal audio. The audio for Suffer Well matches the rehearsal audio available as part of The Complete Depeche Mode iTunes box set. Precious matches this YouTube reupload of the rehearsal audio originally available on the depechemode.com website. The only difference is that crowd noise is added, at least to the beginning and end of each song, to give it a live feel.

The soundboard audio demuxed from this video is available as Source 2.

Thanks to RyanJ for digitally transferring the MiniDV tape.


You can watch this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. Suffer Well
  2. Precious
  • Total time: 8:28


  • Sony MiniDV tape -> Sony HVR-M15AU deck -> FireWire -> LifeFlix DV Importer -> RAW MOV file -> aspect ratio adjusted to 16:9 (thanks FpmiP) -> MOV (no transcoding)
  • Taper: Blue Leach (same director which produced the "Live In Milan" film)
  • Transfer: RyanJ (ninlive.com)