2007-10-2x Offsite, Ethel, XM Satellite Radio, Sirius XM, NYC, NY, USA

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In the week of the release of 'Hourglass', Dave did many interviews and promotional events. One of them was a short "gig" on a sub-channel called Ethel, which is part of sub-channel XM47, which is part of radio channel Sirius XM. Since this is satellite radio, only subscribers could listen to it. The performance was not aired until February 10th, 2008, on Ethel's show 'Offsite'. But XM radio did upload a podcast on January 28th, 2008 in which they included the interview with Dave Gahan as well as really tiny snippets of four songs from the "gig". Only this podcast is online: see 2008-01-28 Ethel, XM Satellite Radio, NYC, NY, USA. From that podcast, it is clear that Dave and 'The Jupiters' (Dave's backing band) played at least Saw Something, Kingdom, Deeper And Deeper and A Little Lie, but it is not known in which order this was played and if they played any more songs.