2013-06-27 Peace & Love Music Festival, Borlänge, Sweden

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This concert was planned, but the festival declared bankruptcy, so the concert did not occur. According to a news article from The Local:

Bankruptcy stops music for Peace & Love festival

Organizers of Sweden's popular Peace & Love music festival declared bankruptcy on Tuesday, announcing the 2013 festival in Borlänge had been cancelled, much to the disappointment of fans of headliners Depeche Mode and First Aid Kit.

"We'll never know how many people who waited, who thought about buying tickets, and who wanted to experience what should have been the summer's most magical happening," organizers said in a statement.

"There will be no festival."

This year's festival, scheduled for June 25th to 29th, featured a lineup that included UK synth-rockers Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys, as well as Swedish darlings First Aid Kit and Håkan Hellström.

The concert was moved to 2013-06-27 Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden.