2013-07-13 Optimus Alive Festival, Lisbon, Portugal/Source 3

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A great quality FM broadcast recording. As usual, only the first three tracks were allowed to be broadcast. The radio station was Radio Comercial. This broadcast did not suffer the same glitches that affected Walking In My Shoes on the webstream.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [6:47] Play Welcome To My World
  2. [4:21] Play Angel
  3. [6:32] Play Walking In My Shoes

Total time: 17:40


  • Lineage: SONY XO-D20 FM Receiver -> Sony 5 bands EQ -> M-Audio Quattro -> Audacity (tracksplitting and fades) -> FLAC level 8
  • Taper: dcr666 on DIME
  • Generation: master