2013-09-27 KITS Live 105 105.3 FM, San Francisco, CA, USA

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Morning Show host Steve Masters of Live 105 radio headed backstage to interview Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore at Shoreline Amphitheatre before their show on September 26th. The interview was uploaded on live105.cbslocal.com but is no longer there. Steve Masters had also interviewed Dave Gahan in 1990.

Here are some highlights from their Q&A:

On the band return to the Bay after five years: “On the last tour we didn’t actually play here because we had problems with Dave’s voice.”

If there was only one Depeche Mode album which would it be: “I think because of it’s popularity I would have to go with Violator. I think everyone would get upset if I didn’t choose that. It’s got four classic singles.”

Is there another live album a la 1989′s Depeche Mode 101 in the works: “We don’t have plans to do that yet. With the last few tours – I think pretty much with every tour we do a live DVD. I think we will get around to doing that this time.”

What lies ahead for the band: “At the moment we know we have six months that we have committed to – touring wise. After that we haven’t thought about getting back into the studio.”

“There may come a day when someone just says they don’t want to do it anymore. It could happen. I personally don’t see it happening.”

On the band’s Foosball prowess: “Unfortunately, we’ve got some crew people with us that are better than us. I have to admit. My security guy is very good. If we take him out of the equation I tend to win quite a lot.”

Martin Gore’s favorite song to play Live: “I think just because of the crowd participation – it just amazes me every single night – “Never Let Me Down Again” when everybody starts waving, flailing their arms around. It’s just amazing to look and see that happening every night.”

Does Martin Gore use Twitter?: “I have a Twitter account but I don’t tweet.”

Does he reply to fan mail?: “Not really because most people that bother to contact a band are usually slightly mad.”

On working with former member Vince Clarke again: “I think it is a possibility. We didn’t talk about it being a long term project.”

On his fanciest car he ever had: “I don’t drive. I have never driven a caricon1 A One On One Interview With Martin Gore of Depeche Mode. I have never taken a lesson. I have never taken a test.”

Favorite Vacation Spot: “Costa Rica”

England or USA?: “USA”

  • Duration: 10:27