2015-09-10 Le Drive, RTL2, Paris, France

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Soulsavers and Dave Gahan have publised a press release on their upcoming album, 'Angels and Ghosts', on September 10th. RTL2 radio host Mathilde Courjeau got to interview Dave Gahan over the phone the evening before, and aired this interview on her show 'Le Drive'. It is notable that Dave Gahan and his management allowed RTL2 to interview him, even though RTL2 tweeted twice that Gahan and Soulsavers would play at Le Cigale in November, about a week before the release of the press release. After the short interview, RTL2 also got to premiere the new single, 'All Of This And Nothing', which got uploaded on Vevo that day. RTL2 uploads this show as a podcast soon after its airing, and the upload below has been taken from RTL2's site. The interview with Dave Gahan has been cut out off the complete show. A transcript has been typed out below, but please note that since the interview was dubbed in French, some parts of Dave's answers were difficult to hear.

  • Duration: 1:46 minutes



Mathilde: So, when I interviewed Dave Gahan on the phone last night, I asked him the difference between working with Depeche Mode and with Soulsavers.

Dave: I just find that doing the work with Soulsavers makes me very sort of excited about making music, and it gives me a lot of enthusiasm, and a lot of hope for, hopefully, my songwriting, because it gets better. The more you do, the more you work with different people, the more you stretch yourself as an artist, and I like that aspect of it.

Mathilde: [To the other radio host, Raphael Bosse-Platière] Then I asked him about his new album that comes out in October, which will be followed by a tour, including a date at Le Cigale:

Dave: We're playing sort of... we tried to find maybe six or seven venues in the world [of which] we thought that they were interesting to play, and we're gonna do a performance over there at Le Cigale, and this music is very much suited to being in a theatre-like setting. The band is a 10-piece band, we're bringing three gospel singers. We're doing something in Paris, in Milan, London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin as well. We'll see what happens, but I'm excited about it, because I'm excited to perform these songs, in a cropped setting, and [with] songs also from 'The Light The Dead See', the last album we did, which we did not really perform on tour together.