2015-11-06 105 All'Una, Radio 105, Milan, Italy

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The day after Soulsavers' performance at Fabrique in Milan, they held an interview session at ME Milan il Duca hotel in the same city for Italian media. One of them was Radio 105, for which radio host Daniele Battaglia got to interview Dave Gahan. The interview was aired the next day, and the entire episode was uploaded on their site. This episode was downloaded, and the songs and translations were cut out, leaving only Dave's quotes. Since the questions cannot be heard in English, it can be a bit of guesswork to try to figure out what the interviewer had asked, but it should be pretty clear to those who are familiar with the context around this album. N.B.: When Dave starts his answer with "Nothing yet, actually..." he is replying to the interviewer's question as to how much he has paid his daughter for the album's artwork (for which she took the photos).

On November 9th, Radio 105 uploaded a video of this interview, see here. In that video, you can hear the questions in English. They also uploaded the radio version in two parts (1, 2) on their site.

  • Duration (cut): 06:02