2017-05-14 Pop-Rock Story, RTL2, Paris, France

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On May 14th 2017, radio station RTL2 hosted an hour long Depeche Mode special called "La Pop-Rock Story de Depeche Mode" ("The Pop-Rock story of Depeche Mode") in which host Stéphanie Renouvin summarised extensively the history of the band. She also aired fragments of interviews with Dave, Andy, and Martin. Those interview fragments sound quite old, and 'Spirit' is not discussed in them, so it's possible that she just grabbed pieces of their older interviews with the band... or she simply grabbed clips from interviews as found on YouTube. The fragments of those interviews were spread out during that 1-hour special, which we cut out of the podcast and merged together as one MP3 file and re-uploaded below.

  • Duration: 02:32 minutes (out of 1:00:32 minutes)