2017-06-30 Bass Agenda, Futuremusic FM, London, UK

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Andy Barton, host of the show (and record label) 'Bass Agenda' which is aired on digital radio station Futuremusic FM, interviewed Kurt Uenala on June 6th 2017. The interview was aired on June 30th, and uploaded on SoundCloud the next day. Kurt provided a mix not only for the aired episode but also made a second mix for the radio show, put online. In the aired episode, Kurt's first selection is his latest single (out since March 24th) for his new project 'Null + Void', which is called 'Asphalt Kiss' and will appear on the upcoming album 'Cryosleep'. His second selection is another song off his upcoming album called 'Paragon', which has its world premiere on this 'Bass Agenda' episode.

For the re-upload below, we left out not only all the songs, but also most non-DM-related parts of the interview, like the parts where Kurt discusses his childhood, musical influences, early works, and non-DM projects. In this interview, he specifies that his new album 'Cryosleep' will be released in October 2017, and that Dave Gahan is to be heard on it. On the same day as when this interview was aired, Null + Void's label HFN Music uploaded a full press release about the upcoming album, also revealing that Dave Gahan is one of the vocalists on it.

  • Duration: 7:10 minutes (out of 2:01:52 minutes)