2017-10-04 Jimmy Kimmel Live, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Depeche Mode appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to perform 'Cover Me'. The show was recorded at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Studios on Hollywood Boulevard. It was recorded at 4PM and aired at 10PM. Depeche Mode had to perform the song twice for recording purposes, and it is not known if the aired version is either one of the two performances or a mix of the two. After the episode was aired, Jimmy Kimmel Live immediately uploaded the aired performance on their YouTube channel, but it has since been deleted for unknown reasons. Fortunately some fans have uploaded the aired performance too, like here on YouTube.

One of the fans who attended this performance was Dave Moreno, who also got to run Depeche Mode's Facebook Takeover that day. He reported here and here:

[...] For the taping of the show, the concert crowd stayed in the Green Room until the band was ready to perform. I had a great time in the Green Room drinking White Russians and mingling with other fans including Freddie Morales, a.k.a. Devotional Dave from the cover band Strangelove. Then there was that brief moment when Peter and Fletch left the dressing room and talked with a few fans while we waited. While I didn't get a chance to talk to them, they spent a good amount of time chatting.

If you've never experienced [Depeche Mode] in such an intimate setting, all I can say is WOW. Unlike large venues where Dave might need to turn his voice up to 11, he smoothly delivered the lyrics as Christian’s booming drums hit us like a hammer. You could practically hear the sound of Martin’s bottleneck sliding across the strings of his guitar and the clacking keys from Peter and Fletch. It was true to the album recording – and it was amazing.[...]

Set list

  1. Cover Me