A Photograph Of You

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A Photograph Of You
Song A Photograph Of You
By Depeche Mode
Songwriter Martin L. Gore
Produced by Daniel Miller
Depeche Mode
Recorded at Blackwing Studios (London)
Length (mm:ss) 3:04
Tempo 145 BPM
Time signature 4
Key F♯ Major
Engineered by John Fryer
Eric Radcliffe
Photography Brian Griffin
Calligraphy Ching Ching Lee
Recorded December 1981 - July 1982
Originally released 27 September 1982
Live performances as Depeche Mode 44 times *
Total live performances 44 times *

"A Photograph Of You" is a song from the 1982 album A Broken Frame by Depeche Mode.


You can read more about the inspiration and creation of 'A Photograph Of You' here.


A Photograph Of You

What good is a photograph of you

Everytime I look at it

It makes me feel blue

What use is a souvenir

Of something we once had

When all it ever does is

Make me feel bad

I wish I could tear it up

But then again I haven't the guts

I wish I could throw it on the fire

I wish I could

But to say I would

I'd be a liar

What good is a colour print

Of a little baby doll

When just one little glance

Is enough to make me feel dull

I hoped I would misplace it

But then I take such good care of it

I wish it would disappear

I say I wish

But then I relish

It being here

Songwriter: Martin L. Gore
Publishing Information: ©1982 Grabbing Hands Music Ltd/EMI Music Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.

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