Bitter Apple

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Dave Gahan said in the Electronic Press Kit for 'Paper Monsters':

"[T]hat is a song about being in love and really realising that I was feeling love again. It doesn't have to be about being in love with another person but just feeling the love and the beauty of everything again. I also wanted it to have a feel about it that was sitting on some little barstool in some little dirty Paris smoke-filled café and that real sort of feel about it, somehow. Now that song is like, to me, it's really innocent and honest I didn't want to think too much about making words and things sound good – I just wanted it to sound exactly how I felt."

Dates with available recordings of Bitter Apple

There are currently 4 recordings of Bitter Apple available.

Dates where Bitter Apple was played

2003 Paper Monsters Tour (Dave Gahan solo)

Bitter Apple was played 72 times during this tour.

2015 "Angels & Ghosts" Tour

  • Bitter Apple was not played during this tour.