Burning audio CDs

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This guide assumes you are running Microsoft Windows.


You will need:

  • CDBurnerXP
  • A recording converted to MP3.
  • MP3 data discs will play in most recent vehicles' stock CD players and virtually all aftermarket CD players. If you burn an MP3 data disc and it does not play in your car, try creating an "Audio disc" and then dragging and dropping the original FLAC fileset into the window and burning that instead. If the recording you wish to burn has a sample rate of 48khz (this is specified on the recording's page), it must be converted to 44.1khz first; please see the Sample rate conversion guide.

Burning process

  1. Install CDBurnerXP. Be sure to decline any offers for toolbars and other crapware.
  2. Launch CDBurnerXP.
  3. Double click on "Data disc".
  4. Drag and drop your prepared MP3 files into the window, or locate and add them to the disc.
  5. Insert a blank CD-R disc.
  6. Click "Burn" and "Burn" again.
  7. Test the disc in your car's CD player; if it does not work, try again but from the initial CDBurnerXP screen, select an "Audio disc" instead of a "Data disc".