By This River

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Martin Gore told the April 2003 issue of Rolling Stone France (translated from French):

"I bought 'Before And After Science' in 1977, the year of its release, because I was a big fan of Roxy Music, and I loved his first solo album 'Here Come The Warm Jets'. For me, this song was out of the ordinary: Eno was accompanied by Cluster, an avant-garde rock band from Berlin. He's an interesting musician, but I never let myself be seduced by his technical speech, his 'deck of cards' ['Oblique Strategies'], it always turned me off."

Dates with available recordings of By This River

There are currently 13 recordings of By This River available.

Dates where By This River was played

2003 "A Night With Martin L. Gore" (Martin L. Gore solo)

By This River was played 8 times during this tour.