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This song by the Raveonettes was covered by Dave Gahan and Kurt Uenala for the cover album of the Raveonettes' debut album 'Whip It On', in light of its 20th anniversary. Band member Sune wrote on Instagram:

"We first met Dave back in 2005 when we supported Depeche Mode on their US tour. Wow, what an experience! People always measure success in terms of album sales, chart positions, etc but for me succes was always about dreaming BIG and believing in yourself and what you do and stand for. and stand up to that. Having Dave interpret one of our songs is success to me! It's an honor and it shows that daydreaming as a kid is a good and creative thing to do even though people might call you an introvert or diagnose you with ADHD or whatever, fuck that! DREAM BIG! Thanks Dave and our dear friend and producer Kurt Uenala for giving us and the world your beautiful vision of this classic tune."

Jesper Regina, Co-Founder of Crunchy Frog Records, stated in this interview:

"Sharin and Sune [of the Raveonettes] had the idea to also do this cover LP [after the 20th anniversary of their debut album Whip It On], and we were more than happy to license it and release it. [...] Sune and Sharin already had a list of names they'd like to invite. Some like Gahan/Uenala had already signed on (they were the first to deliver their version, actually - total pros!). [...] Frankly this was before we [the record label -ed] entered the picture, as the project was started by Sune and Sharin on their own. I know that Sune and Martin Gore are good friends, but I think Dave snatched this one so fast that Gore didn't get into the mix at the time. I don't know, but in any case it's truly an honour that any member of Depeche Mode participates."

Dates where Chains was played

Chains has never been played live.