Cloud Nine

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2000: Martin Gore writes and plays the guitar part for a song written by Claudia Brücken called Cloud Nine, in February 2000. The song was planned to be used for the band Propaganda but was then used by her new band OneTwo in 2004 instead. Claudia told and Destination Pop magazine later on: "'Cloud Nine' was originally written for my solo album in the mid to late 90's. Martin Gore and I had a mutual friend [Paul Valentine] who used to invite me to Depeche gigs and after show parties. This is how I got to know Martin. One day I was writing a song on guitar, and I thought, I need a little bit of help as I'm not the best guitarist in the world! Martin at that time, was living around the corner from me [in London] so I just dropped around and asked if he'd help me. At first he wasn't really sure, 'cause he's only used to writing songs on his own. But the next day he called me and said he'd completed it. I then put my solo album on hold as I had been in touch with [the other Propaganda members] and we hatched this idea to try Propaganda one more time. I "loaned" 'Cloud Nine' to Propaganda but then withdrew it when Propaganda ground to halt for the second time. So, its been through many different versions, it's only now though, with [the second version made for the band Onetwo], that I'm completely happy with it."

Dates where Cloud Nine was played

Cloud Nine has never been played live.