Does That Hurt?

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In June 2018, The Isle Of Wight Festival listed Oli [Masek] as part of their line-up that year, and revealed: "Oli is an Alt-pop songwriter with remixes by Oxide & Neutrino. She is currently working with Powerstudio London and releasing a song with Dave Gahan later this year."

The Bills Agency announced in February 2022:

London-based singer songwriter OLI has collaborated with none other than Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode to create a stunning new track. Their jointly written song ‘Does That Hurt?’ is out now.

A brooding song, which sees the pair take on the roles of two characters who just can’t see eye to eye, the immersive soundscape hears Dave Gahan’s instantly recognisable vocals meet the beautiful, delicate voice of OLI. Sounding as if the two performances are battling to take centre stage, the grand production makes for a really stunning display, and an interesting listen.

Speaking of the song’s inspirations, OLI said: “I wanted it to seem like two people who just couldn’t see eye to eye. They both aren’t really listening to each other, they’re stuck. It’s almost like they are interrupting each other throughout the song.” She continues: “A lot of the song was already finished when I first heard it, so I wanted to make it mesh well with what I would sing. I think I wrote 5 or 6 versions of lyrics because I was so nervous to make it work… It’s a special song to me, it’s my first time leaning into the rock genre, and I really love it.”

Dave Gahan and OLI met through the legendary producer Benny D (Kylie, Robbie Williams, Depeche Mode) who has worked on all of OLI’s releases to date. Diverging from pop music to a more alternative and instrument driven sound, the 25 year old Londoner found collaboration with Dave Gahan to bring in the darker, more intense male vocals, elevating the track with an irresistible push and pull between the two performers. OLI said: “Honestly, I feel pretty lucky that I was even given the opportunity to have my voice and lyrics on a song with such an iconic artist.”

She also told Wonderland Magazine: "I really love Americana style production. Benny D had been working on a project with Dave Gahan and played me the demo. It was so moody and cool. I think I wrote 5 versions of lyrics because nothing ever felt good enough… I knew this was a special opportunity and I just didn’t want to waste it. I’m glad we took our time though; I am so proud of the final song! [...] It took well over 5 years to complete and features one of the most iconic vocalists of all time. Having a song with Dave Gahan has been the absolute top moment of my music career now and (honestly) forever."

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Does That Hurt? has never been played live.