I Am You

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Author Jonathan Miller interviewed producer Mark Bell in 2001, who said:

"I don't think much of what Christian did is actually on the album. Most of the percussion you hear is electronic stuff I did myself, either on the MPC or in Cubase. I just got loads of silly noises from the analog stuff and then made layers in the sampler so the sound would change depending on velocity. It sounds more organic that way, though it's definitely electronic. I didn't really copy Christian's parts, but rather I was influenced by the feel of his playing - be it aggressive or light, or the frequency he played in to fit with the track. That way, we could EQ the original electronic percussion into that range."

Martin Gore said in the May 2001 issue of Keyboard magazine:

"[The high synth parts in the last verse] was Mark Bell doing some high string thing on the [E-mu] Emulator. He's such a great conceptualist of sound. I think he could take any sound and make it into whatever he wants."

Dates where I Am You was played

I Am You has never been played live.