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Dave Gahan says in the 'Sounds Of The Universe' EPK:

"'In Chains' is another [song off the album] which I really like which I think is a classic soul song, its got that kind of feel about it, that it could have been something that Marvin Gaye performed, that kind of soul-y song, its got beautiful lyrics and it was great to sing, it was one of the most challenging songs for me to get where I wanted it to be vocally with my voice but we got there in the end."

Martin Gore told Keyboard magazine:

"I think it's in my warped head, there's something Stevie Wonder-like about 'Little Soul', like there's something Marvin Gaye-like about 'In Chains'. [...] I had a dream about the tuning up of the synths, as an orchestra tunes up. It so happened that 'In Chains' starts in the key of A minor. So we were able to start the beginning of the album with the A440 tuning tone from the Minimoog, and just recorded, gradually tuning a load of synths to that A. We thought that only real keyboard aficionados would recognize that initial, little click of the Minimoog [powering up], then the A440 going on."

And Martin Gore told newspaper Ouest France (translated from French):

"I dreamt of starting the album with the sound of an orchestra of synthesizers tuning up, like a classical orchestra before a concert. We translated this idea with an old Mini Moog. But the rest of the song is more inspired by soul. It's as if Marvin Gaye was singing with an electro band."

Dates with available recordings of In Chains

There are currently 6 recordings of In Chains available.

Dates where In Chains was played

2009-2010 Tour Of The Universe

In Chains was played 102 times during this tour.

2013-2014 Delta Machine Tour

  • In Chains was not played during this tour.

2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour

  • In Chains was not played during this tour.