In My Time Of Dying

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Martin Gore explained in the May 2003 issue of D-Side magazine (translated from French):

"The first time I listened to 'In My Time Of Dying' was probably on Bob Dylan's first album. Later on, I discovered other versions of this track, some of them being from the '30s like the one by Josh. But there were also Blind Willie Johnson and even Led Zeppelin in the '70s [who covered it]. 'In My Time Of Dying' is a traditional track, in the blues or gospel genre. I love songs that are about death. This one is about someone who is about to die and finds consolation in Jesus who is going to help him pass on from one state to another. I love the idea of having this track on the album and then having 'Lost In The Stars' appear later on on the album which deals about being abandoned by God. They are two different subjects and they resonate with me at different moments."

Gore elaborated in the April 2003 issue of Rolling Stone France (translated from French):

[...] All the versions of this song that I could find, mostly old ones, were all played on guitar. I was interested in stripping it apart."

Gore continued in the April 2003 of Magic! magazine (translated from French):

[In My Time Of Dying] is the one [off the Counterfeit² album] that took the least effort. Mostly because it was the first I worked on, and the enthusiasm was still intact! [laughter] It really was like a letter to the post office. We had spent two days on it, barely, while we spent months and months on the other tracks."

Dates with available recordings of In My Time Of Dying

There are currently 13 recordings of In My Time Of Dying available.

Dates where In My Time Of Dying was played

2003 "A Night With Martin L. Gore" (Martin L. Gore solo)

In My Time Of Dying was played 8 times during this tour.