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In a long promo interview in September 2007, Dave Gahan was asked about every song off 'Hourglass' including this one:

"That song again it was about believing it something, a power greater than me that has always been there with me through, through my life, from when I was a kid, this sense that someone's watching or something's watching over me. I've always had that you know, and sometimes I chose to ignore it and take back my own will, and usually end up you know, in trouble. The definition of Insoluble is something that's not tangible, an energy or something that is there that you can't feel, or you know, an angel or something like that. But the song was, and it got more and more minimal that song, it started out quite you know traditional sort of sense, like a big bombastic kind of Depeche Mode type song and it, we stripped it back more and more and I think in the end it became more like a sort of Mantra or something to myself like you know that I really have nothing to fear apart from myself, my actions, you know."

He also said in the press release for 'Hourglass':

"It's just the word, I really like that word. It's about something you can't really touch, but you know it's there. I felt like it wasn't going to make it on the record, but we stripped it back, and it's become drumless. Now I feel like it's got a place."

Dates where Insoluble was played

Insoluble has never been played live.