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8. Nothing's Impossible
9. Introspectre
List of Playing The Angel songs
10. Damaged People
Song Introspectre
By Depeche Mode
Songwriter Martin L. Gore
Produced by Ben Hillier
Recorded at Sound Design (Santa Barbara)
Stratosphere Sound (New York City)
Whitfield Street (London)
Length (mm:ss) 1:42
Tempo 74 BPM
Time signature 1
Key A Minor
Programmed by Dave McCracken
Richard Morris
Engineered by Ben Hillier
Richard Morris
Mixing assistance Devin Workman
Kt Rangnick
Mastered by Emily Lazar
Mastering assistance Sarah Register
Recording assistance Nick Sevilla
Arjun Agerwala
Rudyard Lee Cullers
Devin Workman
Kt Rangnick
Art direction Anton Corbijn
Design Anton Corbijn
Photography Anton Corbijn
Recorded January - July 2005
Originally released 13 October 2005
Live performances as Depeche Mode 0 times *
Total live performances 0 times *

"Introspectre" is an instrumental song from the 2005 album Playing The Angel by Depeche Mode.


Martin Gore told Gaywired: "It's a nice atmospheric piece of music that leads really nicely into 'Damaged People'."

Dates where Introspectre was played

Introspectre has never been played live.