Long Time Lie

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This song is a collaboration between Martin Gore and Dave Gahan.

Dave Gahan told Spinner:

"He motioned toward me, 'What do you think?' and I was like, 'It's cool.' Ben [Hillier], who's producing the record, said, 'I think Martin was trying to see if you're interested in writing anything to that.' I just let it absorb into me for a few days. I came up with something and recorded it, and Martin seemed very happy."

Martin told Sonic Seducer magazine (translated):

"This time it really felt like a proper collaboration, even though we weren't together in the studio when we wrote it. I first wrote a slower instrumental track, but Ben [Hillier] thought that it would be a good idea if Dave were to add lyrics and melodies to it. So that's what he did, and during a recording session I took it with me and reconstructed the instrumental part around it. But it feels more as though we have created the song together."

Dates where Long Time Lie was played

Long Time Lie has never been played live.