Lost In The Stars

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Martin Gore told gaesteliste.de (translated from German):

"The only song [on 'Counterfeit²'] that does justice to the original version is the one from Kurt Weill, and only because it's so complex that I did not know in what direction to go with it without losing the core of the original. That's the real struggle: when you want to reinterpret a song that you love and respect, the spirit of the original version has to preserve, otherwise the purpose of doing so is lost."

Gore continued in an interview with Alerte magazine:

"If I had to pick one song [in German] that I really love, it probably would be 'Lost in the Stars' by Weill. You are right and you are not [by saying that I showed the original version too much respect]. I mean, how could I have approached the song differently? The song is perfect. It was the first song of the album that I was certain to include. From day one. All the other songs I interpreted far more radically. And then again: Kurt Weill didn’t record “Lost in the Stars” in an electroacoustic version. But his music and his chord progressions are so unique that leaving out a single note would create a gap."

Dates with available recordings of Lost In The Stars

There are currently 13 recordings of Lost In The Stars available.

Dates where Lost In The Stars was played

2003 "A Night With Martin L. Gore" (Martin L. Gore solo)

Lost In The Stars was played 8 times during this tour.