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5. The Dead Of Night
6. Lovetheme
List of Exciter songs
7. Freelove
Song Lovetheme
By Depeche Mode
Songwriter Martin L. Gore
Produced by Depeche Mode
Mark Bell
Recorded at RAK and Sarm West (London)
Sound Design (Santa Barbara)
Electric Lady
Sony (New York City)
Length (mm:ss) 2:02
Tempo 94 BPM
Time signature 4
Key G Major
Engineered by Gareth Jones
Engineering assistance Boris Aldridge
Andrew Davies
Andrew Griffiths
Nick Sevilla
Lisa Butterworth
Jonathan Adler
Alissa Myhowich
James Chang
Pre-production Gareth Jones
Additional production Gareth Jones
Mixed by Steve Fitzmaurice
Mastered by Mike Marsh
Art direction Anton Corbijn
Photography Anton Corbijn
Sleeve design Form
Recorded June 2000 - February 2001
Originally released 14 May 2001
Live performances as Depeche Mode 0 times *
Total live performances 0 times *

"Lovetheme" is an instrumental song from the 2001 album Exciter by Depeche Mode.

Dates where Lovetheme was played

Lovetheme has never been played live.