Mother Me

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Mother Me
Depeche Mode
Working title
'Mother Me, Smother Me[1]'
Produced by
Originally released
Not released
Played live
0 times *
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'Mother Me' is the assumed working title of an unfinished and unreleased song produced during the recording of 1990 album Violator by Depeche Mode.


The demo for 'Mother Me' appears on the "Perversion" demo tape and features Martin Gore performing lead vocal duties. The demo does not currently circulate and its lyrics are not known.

The song commonly appears as an instrumental track misattributed to Depeche Mode; it is truly Monghi by Vienna and appears on the "Rarities Of Mode" CD bootleg[2] in dreadful quality.

Alan Wilder's comments

Alan Wilder reveals a bit of info on Shunt Q&A about this track:[3]

The song you mentioned for 'Violator' called 'Mother Me', will you please give a description of what it sounded like, any possible lyrics, whether this song was ever actually recorded and who sang it, Dave or Martin?

Alan Wilder: It sort of got started with some drums, bass + a couple of other parts but was shelved quite quickly. It was medium tempo and if I remember correctly it slipped into 7/8 time signature for the chorus - oops. I think Dave would have sung it.

Wilder also says in his editorial on Violator: "There was a song called 'Mother Me' which we also recorded during this period but never finished."

Daryl Bamonte's comments

Daryl Bamonte said regarding 'Mother Me':

"I remember a track called 'Mother Me, Smother Me' that I believe was recorded for Violator, but didn't make the final cut for some reason. It was a really good song, but I don't think it was even used for a b-side."[1]