My Little Universe

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Andy Fletcher told Exclaim!:

"Well, 'My Little Universe' is a very techno track. It's out there, that one. It's a little jewel, that track. It sort of breaks up the more built up tracks and where it is on the album — track 5 — it's really a nice position. What happened with that song, it was just sort of a normal pop track really and we layered and layered and layered stuff on it and it wasn't sounding right so in the end we just completely stripped it down to how it is now, and now it sounds great. I'm talking about so much stuff "on," so many tracks used up, and really just taking bare elements of things — a couple of melodies, a couple of sequencers. It's just amazing. That's one of the nice surprises really. We thought that track was going nowhere and could see it just as a bonus track or something but out of the blue a bit of magic occurred."

Dates where My Little Universe was played

My Little Universe has never been played live.