Oh My Love

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Martin Gore told the May 2003 issue of D-Side magazine (translated from French):

"If it weren't for some composers, I could never have learnt to write any of the songs that I composed. John Lennon is one of the best examples of that. I love the sensitivity that he has transmitted through his music and that is what I am trying to do too. There are probably other songs by John Lennon that I could have chosen [for Counterfeit²] but I particularly like the sensitivity of this song."

Martin Gore told the April 2003 issue of Rolling Stone France (translated from French):

"I feel like I'm going to get a lot of trouble with this cover. Going electronic with Lennon was a bit of a sacrilege, and when you cover Lennon, everyone has a say. It was one of the most complicated songs to record. We worked hard on it. We had to find the right tone."

He also told Alerte magazine: "I could reduce 'Oh My Love' to a fraction of the original chords and it was still the song."

Dates where Oh My Love was played

Oh My Love has never been played live.