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In a syndicated interview for, Dave Gahan says:

Q: However, there's a song called 'One Thing', featuring the line: 'It's a different world today/ no one seems to care much anyway'. Is that – at least subconsciously – social commentary?

A: Yeah. Well, you know what? It kind of goes in the subconscious, but also in the conscious. And I wouldn't - it would be impossible to not reflect on that stuff. Especially travelling around, seeing the changes, seeing the problems that still exist here in the world. And we still have this incredible problem of not being able to share the same space [chuckle] - the World. And, yeah, it creeps into the work, definitely. You know, I say in that song, 'it's a different world today, no one seems to care much anyway.' And then I immediately follow that with 'don't listen to what they say/ they don’t know what they're fighting for.'

Q: Are you referring to Mr. Cameron?

A: [laughs] Yeah! So, you know, and also what I do, what happens with me is, quite often what’s going on in my personal life at the time - it creeps in as well. And then I look outside of myself, and I'm part of that. So it, it starts at home. [chuckles]


Q: And it's “I still believe in life on Mars” – as quoted in 'One Thing'?

A: Yeah.

Q: Is that referring to the Bowie song?

A: That's my little… yeah, cause the song is true to me. You know, I still, you know…

Q: Does it stand for an era and for a musical environment that's close to your heart?

A: Well, it stands for the song. The song is still a song that I can play and listen to, and everything feels OK. I can play 'Life On Mars' and to me the world seems a better place.

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2015 "Angels & Ghosts" Tour (Dave Gahan & Soulsavers)

One Thing was played only once during this tour.