Reason Man

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"Reason Man" is an early live-only song written by Vince Clarke.[1] It is unknown why it does not appear on the Speak & Spell album or as a B-side. It was only performed during the 1980 Tour, and only one relatively poor audience recording of this song exists from 1980-10-30 Bridge House, London, England, UK (which happens to be the earliest circulating genuine recording of Depeche Mode). A stream of the entire track, as well as lyrics transcribed to the best of our ability, are below.


'Reason Man' is mentioned by Daryl Bamonte in BONG magazine, issue 24 on pages 15 and 18, see below:


Reason Man

Not now, pressing tight

Children run, the mothers cry

All my dreams are wasting now

No more reason, I see this now

As I watch you from the road

My mind did open, the reason man

My mind did open, reason man

Government amusement, there's something to say

Propaganda, only today

They need someone known to hear

Manipulation is all to fear

Things were edging to the rise

See him laughing, the reason man

See him laughing, reason man

Everyone infected is paranoid

Old before the time

Blessed with the feeling we'll go grey

Shadow monsters will feed the flame

They're just calling, it's a rise

Now he's sending, the reason man

Now he's sending, reason man

Songwriter: Vince Clarke (?)
Publishing Information: No publishing information available.

Live performances

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Only one live recording of Reason Man is currently in circulation, and can be streamed below.

1980 Tour


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