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2012: Martin Gore writes the synthesizer part for a Frank Ocean song, initially unnamed. Martin told Associated Press/CNN/Gaffa in 2013: "The last day I think it was that we had in the studio in New York, we were just recording some live sessions, a bonus thing for our deluxe CD. Frank was working downstairs with Alicia Keys. He asked our engineer if he could come in and have a listen. So, he came in and started talking to us and then he said, 'I am a big fan, and I've got a track, I'd love for you to add some analogue synthesizers to it.' I was completely blown away. And the following day [Cristoffer Berg and I] stayed an extra day in the studio and just did a few bits and pieces. I have no idea whether he'll actually use the pieces we did on there, but hopefully it will surface one day! It sounded really good. He seems like a nice and funny guy." Then in August 2016, Frank Ocean released two albums, but Martin was credited on none. Christoffer Berg wrote as a reply on his Instagram account: "[Frank] released another version of the song 'Solo'. It was a great song before, when and after me and Martin ever did anything [to it]. I'm just happy it's released in any form, and very proud and humble to have been a small fleeting part of the bigger process, credited or not credited."

Dates where Solo was played

Solo has never been played live.