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Martin Gore said in the 1986-02-22 issue of No.1 magazine:

"There is one quite funny song [on Black Celebration] called 'Sometimes' which is about someone who questions their surroundings and ends up becoming tiring and over apologetic."

Vince Clarke wrote an eponymous song for his band Erasure. In June 2017, he told The Quietus:

"Originally the lyric in the chorus wasn't "sometimes" it was "ooh baby". The guy who mixed it said "you can't use 'ooo baby', come up with something else". It was a Mute studio, they had a record cupboard with all their releases in, and I was looking at lyrics on the backs of all these records. Depeche Mode had a song called 'Sometimes' and I thought 'ah well that'll work'. That's how it came about - you're the first person that I've told that to."

Dates where Sometimes was played

Sometimes has never been played live.