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Atlanta, Georgia, USA - September 29, 1993 at The Omni The The (Matt Johnson) - Opening Act

This was show incredible, as it was not only my first DM show, it was also my fist The The (aka Matt Johnson) show. This was held at the now defunct Omni arena in Atlanta, GA, which was demolished a short time later to make way for new structures in preparations for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. I've only seen The The once since, but of course, I've seen DM several times since then. What sticks out in my memory, other than seeing 2 great bands, is getting to meet Matt Johnson after the show at Backstreets in Midtown Atlanta. I was still glowing from the intensity of the concert when a friend and I finally made it through the cue to get inside Backstreets. As we walked inside one of the very first people I saw was Matt Johnson himself, gripping a pool stick and shooting billiards. I was barely 21 and super-stoked to see him. The The's Dusk [1] was blowing up at the time and I'd been a huge fan since I first heard Mindbomb [2] I nervously walked over towards him and tried to be as inconspicuous as possible - not that he was terribly recognizable. There were LOTS of guys with shaved heads in the club, but then again now that I think about it, he may have had a hat on; possibly, even a cowboy hat (or maybe that was someone else I saw later that night at the Armory (also, like the Omni, Backstreets, Blake's, Outwrite, The Cove, The New Order & who knows what else, no longer in existence.) Nevertheless, I quickly thanked him for a great show and he shook my hand. Naturally, I expected Dave, Alan, Martin and Fletch to be right around the corner. Well, at least Martin. Hopefully, & especially, Martin, but alas it was not to be. If DM were out and about that night, I didn't see them at Backstreets. I probably should've gone to the Heretic, where I might expect to find an early 80's/Berlin club-hopping MLG. I'm not sure if The Heretic is still around, but it was a bit of fetish bar with the best dance floor surrounded by a chain linked fence & lots of great music (eg, DM, Sisters, TTK, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, Front 242, Siouxsie, etc) to compliment. Sorry, for the digression, but this is such a cool site and I wanted to share some of my blurred memories of my first night with DM. I hope others can chime in with some more about the show, because I can barely recall specifics. I do know that it was one doveable experience. Thanks for you for this great site and thanks to DM for all the great music. I'm so grateful that they're still making great music (& Alan/Recoil too!) I am not techie, so I apologize in advance if this post is somehow inappropriate or unnecessary. Please feel free to delete, if so. Best to all my fellow DM lovers.