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Known Issues

Some dates claim to have a recording of a particular track, although they actually do not

Fixed 3/23/2014 by creating a subpage for each source for a particular date and adding [[Category:Source]] to the subpage and updating the song templates as required. A little roundabout, but it works.

For dates with partial recordings, all tracks in the setlist are erroneously claimed to have recordings from that date. The lists are generated by the DynamicPageList extension's linksto function, which generates a list of pages that link to a song's page - since there is no method to differentiate between the links in the Setlist section and the Track list sections, the issue occurs. I have spent many hours attempting to rectify this without an acceptable solution. I feel the issue is minor, although I would still appreciate a fix if somebody might have one.

For an example of this issue, view the following pages:
Never Let Me Down Again
2001-06-30 First Union Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA

In the Dates with available recordings of Never Let Me Down Again section, 2001-06-30 First Union Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA is listed although the recording available does not actually contain the track Never Let Me Down Again. As the link to Never Let Me Down Again is present anywhere on the page, the DPL list adds the date to the list despite it being in the Setlist section and not the Track list section where links should only be obtained from.

The closest solution I have reached is a DPL query which includes "Track list" sections with a given track name inside the section. However, this results in the entire section being included in the list, which is undesirable for bandwidth and performance reasons, plus it can make the link quite lengthy depending on the number of recordings available of that track. There is a documented method to include only links to the sections, but then no results are returned because the parser does not find the given track name within the link by itself. It's something of a catch-22, if you will.

Martin's solo song listing is not dynamically generated

Since Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth was played during later dates of the 1987-1988 Music For The Masses Tour, and later on during Martin's solo 2003 "A Night With Martin L. Gore" tour, the lists are mutually exclusive. DM's track list does not include songs categorized as Martin's songs, and likewise Martin's track list wouldn't include songs categorized as DM's songs. Since there is no way to add exceptions to DPL queries, Martin's song list was manually created and Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth was categorized as a DM song to be included in the gigantic list. This is a trivial issue, especially since Martin has had only one solo tour to date, so the list should not expand for a while, nor would it expand significantly.