To Have And To Hold

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At the beginning of the song, a Russian radio news broadcast can be heard, in which the presenter says: "В докладах рассматривается эволюция ядерных арсеналов и социально-психологические проблемы гонки вооружений" ("The report examines the evolution of nuclear arsenals and socio-psychological problems of the arms race").

Q&A from Alan Wilder's Shunt:

Heiko Brune: Which version of 'To Have And To Hold' was first - LP or Spanish Taster? Which of the two do you prefer and why?

Alan: The LP version was recorded first and is possibly one of DM's darkest tracks. The Spanish Taster is basically Martin's demo which he insisted on recording as well. Which one do you think I prefer? I don't think there is a more perfect example of the musical differences between myself and Martin.

Carsten Vogt: How much effort did it actually take you to convince (or persuade) Martin to release your version of 'To Have And To Hold' rather than his?

Alan: It wasn't really a question of persuading or convincing - the album version was the primary one, he just wanted to include his demo on the album.

Aaron Henderson: On 31/8/98, Carsten Vogt asked a question about Martin's demo of 'To Have And To Hold'. The whole question + answer has me a bit confused... Was there an argument or something regarding which version went on the album and did Martin's demo end up out there somewhere? Please enlighten me.

Alan: It's really very simple. Martin submitted his demo in the usual way and although I liked the song, his original idea was too 'lightweight' for my taste (and I felt, the mood of the album) so I pushed it in a darker, more atmospheric direction. This was the primary version of the song which was always intended to be on the album. Martin however was very attached to his more 'poppy' demo and said that he wanted to record it too - hence the 'Spanish Taster'. It wasn't a question of fighting with one another over this, it's just that Martin saw the song in a different way to me. When I originally answered this question, I said that it was a good example of the musical differences between us.

Dates where To Have And To Hold was played

To Have And To Hold has never been played live.