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2011: In May 2011, Mute Records held the Short Circuit Festival. Online, a set could be heard called the 'Raster-Norton/Mute Sound Halo', which consisted of sound loops created by 28 artists from both labels. Two of those artists were Alva Noto (owner of Raster-Norton), and Martin Gore. Alva Noto used Gore's sound loop 'siren synth' for one of his own songs, named Uni Rec. Alva Noto told Kultblog.hu: "When I was working on this track earlier, I had this feeling that something was missing from it, then this sample came to my mind so I tried it out, whether these two even work together. Then there was no way back, this has become a part of this whole thing. Of course I showed it to Martin and he liked it too."

Dates where Uni Rec was played

Uni Rec has never been played live.