1981-06-11 Richard Skinner Session, BBC Radio 1, London, England, UK

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The session was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 1 on June 17, 1981 according to Deb Danahay.[1] The session has been re-broadcast more recently by BBC 6 Music in 2009. [2]

This session is sometimes referred to as a John Peel session, however there does not seem to be any evidence that John Peel had ever invited Depeche Mode for a session.[3]

Boys Say Go! from this session appears on the compilation 1 And Only • 25 Years Of Radio 1 (Band Of Joy BOJCD25), released in 1992. The track is erroneously titled "Boys Say No" on this compilation.

Track list

  1. Boys Say Go!
  2. Tora! Tora! Tora!
  3. Photographic
  4. Big Muff


  • Source 1 is a lossless version of all four tracks without any DJ interruptions.


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