1982-10-25 Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK

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This was the second of two nights performed at this venue during this tour.

This concert was filmed for Mute Records, as mentioned in the December 1982 issue of the Depeche Mode Information Service newsletter. DMIS had hoped to be able to offer this recording to its subscribers on video cassette, but neither that nor a proper official release of the video had materialized.

Several audio tracks from this concert were released through various editions of the Get The Balance Right, Everything Counts, and Love In Itself single releases. They were also included in the 'X2' box set, the 'A Broken Frame' album reissue, as part of the iTunes compilation 'The Complete Depeche Mode,' and in the 12" Singles Box Set series.

The video was later broadcast on Danish television station DR TV, and this is the source of most, if not all, copies of this video circulating online. A DVD of a pre-broadcast Digibeta copy was surfaced in early 2020 by DM Live Wiki, and is available to stream and download below.

Matt Fretton was the support act.

Set list

  1. Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)
  2. My Secret Garden
  3. See You
  4. Satellite
  5. New Life
  6. Boys Say Go!
  7. Tora! Tora! Tora!
  8. Nothing To Fear
  9. Leave In Silence
  10. Shouldn't Have Done That
  11. Monument
  12. The Meaning Of Love
  13. Just Can't Get Enough
  14. A Photograph Of You
  15. The Sun & The Rainfall
  16. Shout
  17. Photographic
  18. Dreaming Of Me


  • Source 1 is an excellent pro-shot video.
  • Source 2 is very good soundboard audio extracted from the pro-shot video above.