1984-12-16 Wereldparade, KRO FM, Hilversum, Netherlands

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Martin Gore calls from Rotterdam to Hilversum to talk about the show that DM are giving later that night.

  • Duration: 02:18 minutes



Martin: [...] hello.

Host: Hello. How's life in Rotterdam?

Martin: Sorry?

Host: How's life in Rotterdam?

Martin: Life in Rotterdam is pretty good, we only arrived yesterday, but we're enjoying, we're having quite a good time.

Host: What do I hear on the background? Who's playing there?

Martin: Well, we got a piano, right next to me here, and Mr. Alan Wilder is playing a few Depeche Mode hits in the background.

Host: Eh, thanks very much for that. By the way, Karin van Haren is here in our studio, and Karen wants to talk to you for about two minutes...?

Martin: That's alright, yeah.

Host: Here she is.

Karin: OK, hello, how are you?

Martin: Hello, alright, thank you.

Karin: I wanna ask you something. Why did you chose the name Depeche Mode?

Martin: Why?

Karin: Yes.

Martin: Well, originally we had a very bad name, and we had to get rid of it, and we spent a lot of time thinking about the name but we couldn't come up with anything, and at the time, Dave was at college doing Window Display and Fashion Design, so he used the magazine Depeche Mode quite a lot, the French fashion magazine, so we just stole the name, because we couldn't think of anything better.

Karin: OK. Are you nervous for tonight?

Martin: Nervous? Nooo... Did you say "nervous"?

Karin: Yes?

Martin: No, not really. We've been doing it for quite a while now, so we're used to it. We've been on tour six weeks in England, five weeks in Europe, so we're quite used to it by now.

Karin: OK. And are you home with Christmas and New Year? Or you have concerts? [sic]

Martin: I'm going on holiday. Me and Alan are going on holiday for Christmas.

Karin: Oh, where?

Martin: I'm going to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, and Alan is going to sunny Spain.

Karin: Oh, that's nice. Well, I'll see you tonight. I'll be there in your concert, and I wanna ask you, will you play tonight, eh, eh - oh, I forgot the name, eh, I don't know, eh...

Host: Nou, Karin? ["Well, Karin?"]

Martin: What are you saying?

Karin: Yes, eh, I forgot the name of the song... Eh, "...only wanna do is see you"? Do you wanna play that tonight?

Martin: We probably will. You never know with us, you know.

Karin: OK, bye bye.

Martin: OK, goodbye, see you.

Host: And thanks very much for the background. And lots of success for the gig tonight.

Martin: Yeah, that's alright, see you, bye.


  • low generation Maxell XLII 90 high position cassette, 1982 - 1984 Europe stock -> Technics RS-AZ7 cassette deck -> Yamaha RX-V1300RDS receiver -> Roland R-05 (24/48) -> WAV (16/44) -> encoded to MP3 for streaming
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