1990-03-10 Radio 3, Hilversum, Netherlands

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Dave Gahan is being interviewed by Dutch radio station Radio 3. Belgian fan Stefan Moernaut uploaded this interview in 1997 on tuug.utu.fi, but unfortunately, to save space, he only uploaded Dave's answers. Fortunately he did write down the Dutch commentary/questions, in English.

  • Duration: 02:55 minutes



Depeche Mode is best known in Holland for songs like People Are People, Just Can't Get Enough and A Question Of Lust. In the last couple of years, Depeche Mode hasn't been very popular at all in Holland, but a new album, which should change all this, will be released in just a couple of weeks. We're talking about that with singer David Gahan. Why did Depeche Mode call the album Violator?

[Dave's answer]

Depeche Mode exists for almost 10 years now. Does Depeche Mode really see this album as a fresh start?

[Dave's answer]

So you're just not that successful in Holland; are the Dutch people different then?

[Dave's answer]

With their new single Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode has, however, a new hit single in Holland after 4 years.

[Enjoy The Silence plays]

That was Depeche Mode with Enjoy The Silence. A group that works intensively with Anton Corbijn. He makes their video clips and sleeve pictures. How is it to work with a Dutch guy like him?

[Dave's answer]

Anton Corbijn is until now the only good thing about Holland, for Depeche Mode.

[Dave's answer]

The tasks in Depeche Mode are completely divided. Dave sings, but all songs are written by Martin Gore.

[Dave's answer]

This is a live recording from the band, recorded on the 18th of July 1988 at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. 70.000 people where there, witnessing, amongst other songs, the biggest Depeche Mode hit in Holland: Just can't get enough.

[Just Can't Get Enough plays]


Transferred from tape by Stefan Moernaut as 6 separate WAV files on Tuug.utu.fi. Merged as 1 MP3 file and pitch corrected for DMLiveWiki.