1990-04-01 Loveline, KROQ, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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New Order's Peter Hook is being interviewed by James "The Poorman" Trenton, and he claims that Depeche Mode ripped off Enjoy The Silence from New Order's Touched by the Hand of God. He appears to be joking at first, but after a back-to-back comparison, some of the guys in the studio agree that the bassline and tempo look oddly similar. But Hook concludes that that's okay since New Order has ripped Depeche Mode off as well.

This file was uploaded by Glen from Depeche-mode.com, who included it in his 'Breathing In Fumes - podcast 005' on breathinginfumes.podomatic.com (podcast currently offline) and then uploaded it on his SoundCloud.

  • Duration: 03:33 (excerpt from a total of 40 minutes)