1993-11-xx WFM 96.9, Mexico City, Mexico

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The audio file below is part three out of four parts of a special done by Mexican radio station WFM. This special was aired about a week before the concerts in Mexico, as way of promotion. The special was hosted by Charo Fernandez and Mauricio Rojas, and produced by "Cabinet Nexus 6" and "Techno Sector 96". It contains an interview conducted by Videgaray Eduardo at the Diana theater in 1990 with Alan Wilder and Dave Gahan, when they came to Mexico to promote Violator with a live TV presentation. The special discusses the live TV presentation from 1990, the World Violation Tour, Martin Gore's solo project from the previous year, a bit about Recoil, as well as the albums Violator and Songs Of Faith And Devotion.

AlexDM wrote on depechemode.mx: "I learned on November 26, 1993 that WFM was broadcasting this special. I was moving from one station to another and suddenly I heard "Little 15" on the radio and I noticed it since it was not a song that was played frequently on the radio, and so I left it there. After the song had played I discovered that it was a special about Depeche Mode and that it was the end of the third out of four parts by WFM. I was sad about not being able to hear the other two parts. Anyway, I went to buy a tape to record the fourth part and that's why I could only record this part. Sorry, no one warned me about this special."

The second embedded file is a trailer to promote the then-upcoming special.

  • Duration: 10:42 + 1:19 minutes


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The file was transferred from cassette into digital format by AlexDM, and the songs and mixes from the file have been edited out by AlexDM. The file and info have been taken from Depechemode.mx.