2002-03-06 102.1 KDGE The Edge, Dallas, TX, USA

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Dave Gahan participated in a series of call-in radio interviews on March 6th, 2002, from the VH1 Radio Network offices in New York. These were "phoners", where Dave Gahan would telephone the radio station to do the interviews. Some radio stations broadcast these interviews live, while others broadcast them on a tape delay. Thanks to the nice people at the VH1 Radio Networks, all of the interviews Gahan conducted that day have been uploaded on depechemode.com unedited. Unlike the version you would have heard if you were listening to the radio at the time, you hear David's voice in sharp digital sound, and the radio interviewers appropriately sound like they are on the phone.

For KDGE, Dave talked to Jessie.

  • Duration: 10:12