2013-03-25 Jack 96.5FM, Seattle, WA, USA

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The Associated Press interviewed Martin Gore at the Four Seasons hotel in Austin, Texas on March 14th 2013. AP's interviews are spread among other media, one of them being Jack 96.5FM, who aired an excerpt of this interview, and also uploaded it on their site (no longer working). AP also released this interview as text.

  • Duration: 00:59 minutes



"I don't think I ever worry too much about what our target audience is, what we should be releasing. I just write naturally and organically and try to write from the heart. When you first sit down to write the first song, until you've maybe got three or four under your belt, it's always, to me, like a mountain to climb. You look at that one blank piece of paper and you think, 'God, how many songs do I have to write here?'"

"That's kind of where we got the idea of 'Delta Machine', because we're a very electronic band using computers and electronics. But then we got this other side as well which is kind of swampy and bluesy."

"It always feels like pressure, but once you got like, three of four songs underway, I think that pressure relieves, and you realise that it is a bit like riding a bike."