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This page contains a list of links to bands that are related to Depeche Mode (see the below section: "Pages in category "DM-related bands""). Most of these are bands that one or more bandmembers of Depeche Mode were in prior to forming Depeche Mode, with the exception being The Blah Brothers. These bands have never released anything, so they never shot to fame. Most of these bands were more like a fun way to kill time than a quest for success.

Based on information to be found in Depeche Mode biographies, the approximate time periods for the Depeche Mode-related bands prior to the formation of Depeche Mode can be estimated (with Composition Of Sound continuing under the name 'Depeche Mode'):



The bandmembers of Depeche Mode have also formed or joined other projects after joining Depeche Mode (contributions, such as singing on or remixing a song, on the albums of other artists are not counted on this page). These are the links to the Wikipedia pages of those projects:

  • Recoil (Alan Wilder, 1986–present)
  • Client (Andrew Fletcher, 2002–2004)
  • VCMG (Martin Gore and Vince Clarke, 2012)
  • Soulsavers (Dave Gahan, 2012–present)

Vince Clarke formed these bands after leaving Depeche Mode in 1981:

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