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4. Mercy In You
5. Judas
List of Songs of Faith and Devotion songs
6. In Your Room
Song Judas
By Depeche Mode
Songwriter Martin L. Gore
Produced by Depeche Mode
Recorded at Madrid, Spain
Chateau du Pape (Hamburg, Germany)
Length (mm:ss) 5:14
Tempo 126 BPM
Time signature 4
Key D♭ Major
Recorded February 1992 – January 1993
Originally released 22 March 1993
Live performances as Depeche Mode 96 times *
Total live performances 96 times *

"Judas" is a song from the 1993 album Songs Of Faith And Devotion by Depeche Mode.


Martin Gore tells Australian newspaper In Press:

"'Judas' is an arrogant love song. We are not condoning unsafe sex. It is about wanting one hundred percent of someone in a relationship – the ultimate arrogance."

Alan Wilder said in the May 1993 issue of Keyboard magazine:

"[T]he beginning of "Judas" has Uillean pipes recorded straight, with backwards reverb mixed in."



Is simplicity best

Or simply the easiest

The narrowest path

Is always the holiest

So walk on barefoot for me

Suffer some misery

If you want my love

If you want my love

Man will survive

The harshest conditions

And stay alive

Through difficult decisions

So make up your mind for me

Walk the line for me

If you want my love

If you want my love

Idle talk

And hollow promises

Cheating Judases

Doubting Thomases

Don't just stand there and shout it

Do something about it

You can fulfill

Your wildest ambitions

And I'm sure you will

Lose your inhibitions

So open yourself for me

Risk your health for me

If you want my love

If you want my love

If you want my love

If you want my love

Songwriter: Martin L. Gore
Publishing Information: ©1992 Grabbing Hands Music Overseas/EMI Music Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.

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