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This is the first [known] time that Martin Gore rehashed an old song. Daryl Bamonte told HOME in 2006:

"[...] Then when Martin recorded his demo's for SOFAD there was a really good song called 'Slow', which was excellent, had a sort of 'Dressed In Black' feel to it, I don't think the band even recorded that track."

Steffen Rüth asked Dave Gahan about this song in 2013, and he replied:

"I think it was a song from even earlier than that maybe. Maybe it was a song that was written for Songs of Faith and Devotion. I don’t really remember. It might be Songs of Faith and Devotion it was written for. But at the time... as soon as I heard it, I said to Martin: That’s an old song. And he said: "Yeah, I needed to reinterpret it. He'd kind of reworked it. When Martin was demoing before, I seem to remember sitting in a meeting when we listened to the demos, and Alan kind of not getting it, just kind of... well, out of songs that we were going to record it just wasn't chosen at that particular time. So I guess Martin put it away, and it fits really well with everything we’re doing now. Because of its blues influence, and I think Martin pulled from that school a lot more on this record."

Steffen Rüth also interviewed Martin Gore, and asked about this song:

Steffen Rüth: In a song like 'Slow' it is the case [that a positive sounding song is put together with blues]. Stylistically it is a blues song, but lyrically it's about...

Martin Gore: ... sex. [laughs] Let's call it like it is. 'Slow' is a sensitive, erotic song about the joy of sex. Sometimes, things are very simple.

Dates with available recordings of Slow

  • There are currently no recordings of Slow available to download.

Dates where Slow was played

2013-2014 Delta Machine Tour

Slow was played 27 times during this tour.

2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour

  • Slow was not played during this tour.