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Adding to this page whenever a new sample discovery is made. I will make edits and corrections where needed over time, but as for a quick 'guide' of sorts to keep our additions succinct and easily readable, I suggest:

How to contribute sample knowledge

  • Try to limit song page links (ie: '[[Personal Jesus]]') to just the left-hand column of the Self-made samples and Sourced samples sections.
    • An exception can be made if the description of a sample mentions a song that is not included within that section. For example, it is OK to link the Recoil song 'Grain' when mentioning it within a sample description from the Black Celebration section.
  • To avoid confusing readers with repetitive sentences featuring multiple song titles, it is preferable to avoid mentioning the name of the song when describing a sample that appears within that song, as the sample description is already clearly associated with the song by virtue of the fact it appears in the same row as the song title. For example, instead of "'But Not Tonight' employs a sequenced 4/4 hi-hat rhythm throughout the song.", write "A sequenced 4/4 hi-hat rhythm is employed throughout the song."
  • Try to remain aware of the number of times a person or topic is mentioned within each section. If Alan Wilder's name has already appeared in full (with a link) within a section, any further mentions within that section should be restricted to just his last name.

Excessive length

Growing pains. Content on this page will be slowly condensed and broken out into separate, relevant topics when time permits. These are good problems to have! Commenting out the Featured article status temporarily to avoid contradictory notices, the article's Featured status will remain upon the eventual completion of this condensing process. Majora101 (talk) 02:30, 13 September 2020 (EDT)