1981-09-25 Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany

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In 2011, German newspaper Welt and Musikexpress magazine did a long interview with cornerstones of the band to ask them about DM's early days. Here's what they had to say about DM's first concert in Germany (translated):

Rainer Drechsler, photographer: "In September, Depeche Mode gave, as part of a mini-European tour, a concert in Germany, in Hamburg's Markthalle. I was allowed to photograph them during the soundcheck, and there I noticed just how serious they were about it all. It surprised me. Personally, I didn't like their Synth-soundstyle at the time, seeing as I was more into Hardrock. But anyway: in the evening at the concert, it was actually already too full. The Markthalle was actually too small for the guys. The line was violent, the mood was euphoric. Everyone could sense that something special was happening here. The British Wave had flooded Hamburg entirely."

Daryl Bamonte: "The people were dancing, singing, holding each other. People, who didn't even understand English, would sing along, feel the music. Madness! I was standing there and understood just how much potential my friends' band could have.

Daniel Miller: "The four concerts went exceptionally well, Depeche Mode and the European continent seemed to be a perfect match. Especially in Hamburg it seemed to be love at first sight. Still, something was wrong. I was still mainly busy with the sound, and on top of that I was the driver, and so I noticed that Vince would rather sit with me in front of the van and stared at the streets, than hang with his colleagues and their girlfriends in the back. He barely spoke a word with them. Then it became clear to me that this would not go on for long."

Thomas Fehlmann a.k.a. Palais Schaumburg, said:

"I remember when they first came to Hamburg and played at the Markthalle and it was alright: not empty or anything, but it wasn’t like they were the new hot shit either. It was really something we saw develop."

Set list

  1. Any Second Now
  2. Photographic
  3. Nodisco
  4. New Life
  5. Puppets
  6. Ice Machine
  7. Big Muff
  8. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
  9. Tora! Tora! Tora!
  10. Just Can't Get Enough
  11. Boys Say Go!
  12. What's Your Name?
  13. Television Set